Assessments and Remediation

At Tri-State Environmental of Franklin, New Hampshire, our experts provide site assessments, excavations, and building inspections for properties throughout the area. Whether you are preparing your land for construction or want to sell your home, our mission is to keep your family or employees safe from excavation to mold testing and removal, ensure your property is safe and prepped with our site assessment and remediation services.
• All-Inclusive Service
• Environmental Survey
• Insulation Installation
• Mold Testing
• Mold Remediation
• Trash Pickup & Removal
• Oil Tank Removal
• Asbestos Testing
• Asbestos Remediation
• Mechanical Insulation Installation
• Radon Testing
• Water Restoration for Water Damage
• Demolition
• Selective Demolition
• Lead Paint Testing & Remediation
• Excavation Site Work
• Roll-off Dumpster Services
Contact us for services that secure the value and safety of your property.
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